The expression of premarital phobia (the expression of premarital phobia)

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In contemporary society, marriage is a major event that everyone needs to face, which represents the stability and progress of human society. For many women, marriage is not a matter of joy and beauty, but full of fear and anxiety. This condition is called premarital phobia.

The expression of premarital phobia (the expression of premarital phobia)

overview of premarital phobia

Premarital phobia is a common psychological obstacle, which usually appears in women, showing fear of marriage, future responsibilities and the pressure of married life. This symptom does not belong to the category of disease, but it has a far-reaching impact on women's lives.

Premarital phobia usually stems from the uncertainty and insecurity of individuals about the future, and is often related to individuals who have experienced emotional trauma. When some women get along, they will find that their love object is not the one they want to marry, resulting in insecurity. At the same time, some women will be afraid of the loss of freedom and independence that marriage may bring.

Premarital phobia is manifested by anxiety, fear and anxiety symptoms in different degrees in love object, marriage, wedding and other aspects. Its clinical feature is that it overemphasizes the negative effects of marriage, and sometimes it may cause premarital hormone problems or psychological violence.

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If you also feel the symptoms of premarital phobia, then you can consider seeking the help of professional doctors, who can give you scientific advice and treatment programs.

The expression of premarital phobia (the expression of premarital phobia)

causes of premarital phobia

The formation of premarital phobia is caused by many different factors. The following are some common causes of premarital phobia:

Have experienced an unpleasant love experience and been hurt by feelings;
Life stage and personal development state are different from the surrounding social roles, such as family, relatives, friends, employees or bosses;
There is already a strong independence in the process of life, and it is difficult to bear the feelings of subordinates;
Seeing people around them go through an unfortunate marriage after getting married makes them even more afraid of getting married;
The influence of the media;
There is no accurate concept of marriage and excessive pursuit of perfect marriage.

the harm of premarital phobia

Premarital phobia will bring a lot of harm to women's life and happiness, which can be manifested in the following aspects:

In terms of personality, they tend to fall into bad emotions such as inferiority, depression and anxiety, and their sense of self-worth declines.
Socially, they are often unable to establish deep relationships with the opposite sex, which is not conducive to the normal development of romantic relationships;
In terms of occupation, they often have contradictions in life and work, which come from lack of confidence in themselves and escape from society;
In terms of mental health, they often feel lonely and even have some radical behaviors, which are difficult to get social recognition and support;
Economically, they often can't combine with the independent economic development they want, or even quit their jobs as soon as possible, so as to better arrange their marriage.

How to overcome pre-marital phobia

it's actually not a very difficult thing to overcome the fear before marriage. Below we have compiled some methods, hoping to help you:

seek the help of a professional psychologist and receive appropriate medication < br > Conduct positive thinking and behavior research on yourself, improve your self-awareness and recognize your own values and benefits < br > Expand your social circle and take the initiative to participate in activities related to the opposite sex < br > Get in touch with the opposite sex in life, gradually establish romantic relationships, get to know each other, and reduce the embarrassment of silence < br > Understand the development law of society, family and marriage, and prepare for your marriage < br > Learn to express your feelings and thoughts, share your private life appropriately, and better understand the true face of men < br > Spend more time with two or more people, especially roommates with one-on-one relationship

No method is perfect. In practice, we can integrate and adjust according to our own situation and actual situation, so as to achieve a positive and optimistic attitude.

Premarital phobia is a common social phenomenon, which is a psychological obstacle that many women face before marriage. It can be effectively reduced through positive psychological adjustment and behavior patterns. I hope that every woman who experiences premarital phobia can get rid of psychological problems as soon as possible and have a happy life.

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