The most vicious way to cure Xiao San is not illegal-let her regret what she did today

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mistress is the most troublesome existence in the family. Her existence will make the relationship between a couple collapse. This crisis is not caused by the appearance of mistress, but by the love of mistress. Xiao San, she may bring you beauty, but it is based on the suffering of others.

The most vicious way to cure Xiao San is not illegal-let her regret what she did today

First, cut off economic sources

A mistress usually has a strong material desire. When your relationship between husband and wife becomes precarious, mistress often only cares about her own interests and has no scruples about the relationship between husband and wife. In this case, we can use the most vicious method to cut off her financial resources.

If Xiao San is a professional woman, you can complain or anonymously report her violations in her workplace. This will make Xiaosan lose her job in a short time, and then lose her financial resources. In this process, you can expose the true face of Xiao San and create an unbearable image of her, thus making her feel guilty and self-blaming.

If Xiao San is a woman who lives under the sponsorship of her husband and other men, we can take measures to deprive her of her financial resources. For example, reveal her true colors to her sponsors and let them know that all their money is invested in an untrustworthy woman. If mistress is hanging out for some ulterior reasons, we can make her pay the price, for example, reporting her prostitution and whoring. The loss of financial resources will add great difficulties to Xiaosan's life, and this period of pain will make her regret what she has done.

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2. Expose the achievements in the struggle

The most vicious way to cure Xiao San is not illegal-let her regret what she did today

when your husband and wife's life is destroyed, we can choose another way besides trying to cut off the third girl's financial resources. That is to disclose the early battle record between mistress and your husband and wife. In this way, Xiao San can feel that her own is insignificant compared with others, and let her know that what she has done is unpopular.

For example, you can expose your chat and phone records with mistress on social media or other public places on the Internet. This way is called social media black public relations. Use the communication power of social media to let more people know the relationship between Xiaosan and you, so that she can reap the consequences.

You can also provide evidence of the relationship between Xiaosan and you to the community owners' committee, so that Xiaosan will be morally condemned and socially humiliated in the community.

With the help of Internet tools and the background of information disclosure, the principle of "Little Three" has become the object of public discussion. To a certain extent, I saved my family, saved other families, and made Xiaosan deeply regret what she had done.

III. Compulsory Oath

The above two methods are to cut off the relationship between mistress and you through the intervention of some external forces, and let her know how wrong she is. The last method is to use a more perfect way, that is, to confront Xiao San herself head-on, so that she can truly realize her own problems. This method is called compulsory oath.

After the problem of Xiao San appears, we can choose to have a private conversation with Xiao San and ask her some questions during the conversation:

"Have you ever loved him?"

"Are you willing to give up everything for him?"

"If, in the end, we decide to make up, will you leave him?"

These questions are like checking Xiao San's mental record. The purpose of asking these questions is to let Xiaosan reflect, think and make her own choices. When she realized that robbing someone else's husband was not a normal human behavior, she also realized that she was an expensive liar and cheater and took the necessary consequences for her actions.

Fourth, time allows her to think independently

The most vicious way to cure Xiao San is not illegal-let her regret what she did today

nothing is more than time, which can make Xiao San better appreciate what she has done by hook or by crook. Time will bring her the depth of injury, more and more deeply appreciate what she has done is wrong, more and more self-reproach, guilt and irreparable heartache, which are unbearable for her. Let her stay a little longer, let her save herself in pain and regret what she has done.

if you abandon a good family and have no scruples about the feelings of husband and wife, will mistress be independent in thought and reflect on herself? Or will she just continue to live without consciousness and thinking? "Time" is a good way to consider Xiaosan's fickle nature. When Xiaosan finds that no matter what choice she makes, she can't maintain her life with the sweat of others, she may change.

there can be no other support and basis for managing mistress, but the key lies in the idea of survival, which is to make mistress regret what she has done. By cutting off her financial resources, exposing her struggle record, taking a compulsory oath, etc., let Xiaosan realize the mistakes she made and the actual environment she should be in; At the same time, we also need to pay attention to giving Xiaosan enough time to make her realize the importance of time. It's not enough to make Xiao San regret her mistakes. In her later life, she should correct her thoughts and pay for everything she has done. It's time to readjust her mentality.

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